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Tasty CBD 120ml CBD Vape Juice Shortfill

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8 Flavours and 3 strengths of this CBD Vape Juice , short filled to allow you to add your own nicotine if desired.

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Blazing Berriez:
A delectable Blackberry, Raspberry, Cranberry and Blueberry flavoured CBD Vape Juice

Authentic bubblegum candy flavoured CBD Vape Juice

Chilling Cherry:
Ripe cherry taste blended with cool menthol flavoured CBD Vape Juice

Mary Jane Green:
Classic take on that flavour 🙂

OG Kush:
Herby flavour with natural plant notes and a sweetness in this CBD Vape Juice

OG Lemon Buzz:
Herby flavour with citrusy notes creating a zingy CBD Vape Juice

Yummy Raspberry:
Sweet Raspberry flavoured CBD Vape Juice

Tooty Frooty:
Delicious mix of tropical fruits in this CBD Vape Juice

Blackcurrant Lemonade:
Classically flavoured CBD Vape Juice with blackcurrants and fizzy lemonade

Strawberry Whiz:
Mouthwatering juicy strawberry flavoured CBD Vape Juice

Mango Blitz:
Tropical mango flavoured CBD Vape Juice

High Zen Berg:
Cooling fruit flavoured CBD Vape Juice

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Blazing Berriez, Bubblegumz, Chilling Cherry, Mary Jane Green, OG Kush, OG Lemon Buzz, Yummy Raspberry, Tooty Frooty, Blackcurrant Lemonade, Strawberry Whiz, Mango Blitz, High Zen Berg

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1000mg, 2000mg, 2500mg


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