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EHC Sports Grass Fed Colostrum (Non-CBD)

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Its Like Whey, It looks like whey, Its not Whey, Its Whey Better!
Colostrum often referred to as “immune milk” is a diverse protein powder with WHEY more benefits. Loaded with protein and containing all essential fats, our Colostrum provides vitamins, minerals, probiotics, growth factors and amino acids. simple to use, rich-and-creamy tasting, Colostrum is the best solution for attaining your training goals. Whether you’re on the matt, on the pitch or in the ring. EHC Grass fed Colostrum is your “Plan A” when it comes to protein.

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Suggested Use:
Take 1 serving spoon twice daily on an empty stomach with an 8oz glass of juice or water or nut milk. Add to any morning protein drink. Use instead of whey.

Key Elements:
• Increased endurance and lean muscle mass
• Balanced Immune function
• Shortened recovery time
• Healthy digestion and overall Intestinal (gut) health
• Improved cognitive function
• Maintain healthy joints, cartilage, and musculature

Product Features:
• Non-GMO
• Manufactured in a GMP certified facility
• Never defatted
• Long shelf life
• Available in capsules and powder
• Easy to use
• Single ingredient product


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