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EHC Sports Destroyer of Weakness (shilajit) CBD 1000mg

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Support a healthy immune system, Increase strength, endurance and power… Sound too good to be true?

Shilajit is well revered in Ayurvedic medicine as a foundational substance for the support of muscle recovery time, tendon health and to reduce overall soreness

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Suggested Use:
Scoop out 1 small pea sized portion using our provided wooded spoon. Stir into Coffee, Tea or any other warm beverage. Use for recovery, pre and post training or add to morning beverages for all day energy.
Do not consume without first consulting health practitioner if suffering or have suffered from any heart conditions or are on any blood pressure or blood thinning medication.
Consult your doctor before use.

Key Elements:
• Increased energy and performance output
• Burns fat
• Shortened recovery time
• Consistent performance levels
• Improved cognitive function
• Maintain healthy metabolism
• Electrolyte balance
• Anti aging
• Protects against viruses
• Anti inflammatory
• Improved cardio function
• Increased oxygen uptake
• Provides 85+ minerals
• Contains rare trace elements
• Boosts testosterone
• Balances hormones
• Increases effect of other supplements

Product Features:
• Non-GMO
• Manufactured in a GMP certified facility
• Never from artificial sources
• Long shelf life
• Easy to use once per day
• Protected miron glass jars


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