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EHC Sports Skin To Skin CBD 1000mg

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Whether you’re a high roller or a low rider, our Skin to skin balm is designed for all those cuts, bruises, abrasions and burns we have all come to know as athletes. Whether you’re a BJJ enthusiast or an all rounder in sports. Skin to Skin has you covered with the natural mystic of CBD and other protective, soothing oils for all your Dermal Disasters.

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Suggested Use:
Apply liberally and massage deep into the effected area of the skin. Suitable for use on cracked and broken skin.

Key Elements:
• Better recovery from cuts, burns & bruises
• Soothes the skin and adds protection
• Shortened recovery time for the skin
• Reduces chafing
• Skin nourishing oils
• Anti bacteria
• Anti inflammatory

Product Features:
• Non-GMO
• Manufactured in a GMP certified facility
• Never from artificial sources
• Long shelf life
• Easy to use apply generously
• Hypoallergenic
• Not tested on animals
• Vegan friendly


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