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How Do I Take CBD?

CBD offers a lot of health benefits, but it could leave you wondering, “How do I take CBD?” It comes in several forms and can be taken orally, as a topical application, as an inhalant, or as CBD oil. It doesn’t help that CBD oil itself is available in different forms. Here is a breakdown of all the different ways to take CBD.

Oral CBD

Oral CBD is the best option for people who aren’t used to vaping, and having tried CBD in the past. There are several ways to take CBD orally, and all of them are user-friendly, making them ideal for beginners.

The first – and easiest – way to take CBD orally is to use pills. CBD pills are similar to over-the-counter medications, so you shouldn’t feel intimidated by the thought of taking them. Using tablets also makes it easy to track your dosage.

CBD tablets also don’t have the flavor of the oil, so they are the right choice for people who don’t like the taste – or are worried they won’t. The catch is that oral CBD takes the longest to get to work. Be patient if it feels like the effects aren’t working. The upside of this downside is that the effects are long-lasting as a result. It takes longer to work, but it stays working for longer too.

Topical Application of CBD

Topical CBD oils and creams are the best fit for people who don’t want to take oral medications and are mostly using CBD to treat aches and pains. Some CBD products are made for topical application, such as creams and lotions. There are even shampoos and soaps made with CBD and bath bombs for the ultimate bathing experience.

Be sure to give your skin time to absorb the cream before washing so that you don’t accidentally wash it off.


Inhalation is how most people choose to take CBD products. It’s good to be familiar with vaporizers and have experience using vaporizers. Vaping CBD is a bad idea for people who have never used vaping products or CBD in the past.

You’ll want to be sure that you get the right vaporizer as not all of them are made to handle something with the consistency of CBD oil. You can buy CBD oil in the form as an e-juice that you pop on to your vaporizer and use it as you would any other vaping product.

CBD vapes are the most efficient method of taking CBD because it ensures the highest concentration enters the bloodstream. The oil gets into your system faster. Please note that this also means it leaves your system faster, so the effects don’t last as long.

Do What’s Best For You

The most important thing to know about how to use CBD oil is that you should choose the option that fits you best. The benefit of having different ways to use CBD is that you can find something that suits you. Don’t forget to talk to your doctor about taking CBD oil and get their advice. CBD oil can interfere with other medications, so you should be sure that it’s safe for you to take in the first place.


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